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Digital Transformation

Transformation of Medical Things


Transform unconnected unaware Medical Devices by connecting to the Internet and embedding smartness  

Transformation of Businesses


Transform small businesses by digital tools and marketing to acquire customers, optimize operations and improve reputation 

Intelligent Internet of Medical Things

We use various methods of Artificial Intelligence like Computer Vision, Machine Learning on data collected by embedded systems from sensors in various Medical Devices connected to the Internet and make them smart by adding AI and Machine Learning.


We extend these technologies to include people, process and digital services in addition to the ‘Medical Things’ (or Products) to create a seamless web of the Intelligent Internet of Medical Anythings (IIoMA).

Internet of Medical Things
Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing and Branding

Small businesses are the economic and employment drivers of this country. In recent times these businesses are getting disrupted by digitally born companies like Amazon, Uber, AirBnB or national chains.


Camensys enables small businesses with digital marketing and best practices to acquire more customers, optimize operations and improve reputations with the measurable return on investment.

Camensys, Inc.
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