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Digital Marketing Service

Digital Marketing by Digital Technologists



Digital Marketing Strategy

Go-to-Market Strategy


A well-crafted Go-to-Market Strategy (GtMS) allows you to achieve a well defined corporate goals. We can define them with you and implement them with continuous measurement and adjustments.

  • Be found by your target audience

  • Reach out on select communication channels

  • Orchestrate your activities

  • Optimize the return on marketing investment

  • Design consistent content and creative

  • Determine enabling technology

  • Define measurement and analytics

Website and Mobile Development


A well-designed and strategic corporate website complemented by mobile applications is a center of all marketing activities:

  • Develop a branding guideline for all digital properties

  • Design responsive website with modern content management system (CMS)

  • Create web page content seamlessly integrated with graphic design

  • Optimize the site for search engines (SEO)

Website and Mobile Development

Be Found and Reach Out


Utilize the internet to be found and to reach out to your audience. We can help you:

  • Establish and/or enhance your digital presence, including creation of digital properties

  • Increase your digital footprint through listing and linking

  • Optimize your site for search engines

  • Research keywords for search engine marketing (SEM) on Google, Bing and others

  • Manage your pay-per-click (PPC) and other paid campaigns

SEM Service
Media & Public Relation

Media & Public Relation


Showcasing company’s unique positioning and leadership through relationship with various media channels.

  • Publish by-lined articles for leadership team

  • Secure interviews and profile write-ups

  • Elevate management team (and their thought leadership content) via Social Media

  • Profile pieces in top-tier business journals

  • Interviews in Broadcast media

  • Create/distribute press releases

  • Reach out to Analysts and secure interviews

  • Organize keynote and panel speaking

  • Schedule on-site interviews with client

Social Media Service

Leverage Social Media


Use the power of the social media to connect and interact with your target audience. Make it easy for them to spread your message and amplify your voice

  • Create a followership

  • Moderate discussion groups and forums

  • Share relevant, value-added content

  • Make it easy for your content to be shared

  • Create and manage paid advertisements on Social network – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others

Establish Thought Leadership through Content Marketing

Provide relevant, value-added information through blogposts, white papers, case studies, videos, podcast, etc. and establish thought leadership. We help you by:

  • Identifying trending topics to create content

  • Curating syndicating content

  • Collecting user-generated content and social monitoring buzz

  • Promoting your content across all owned media

Content Marketing
Sales Funnel

Manage Revenue Pipeline

From demand generation to revenue generation, we help you:

  • Capture leads from website visitors and event attendees

  • Nurture and progressively profile leads

  • Provide your Sales with qualified and prioritized leads

  • Optimize conversion rate at each stage of the funnel

Automate for Marketing Effectiveness

Streamline your marketing and sales processes. Gain efficiency, consistency and quality, and faster time-to-market. Become an always-on marketing force.

  • Multi-channel campaign operations

  • Email marketing and nurture campaigns

  • Customer on-boarding and other customer centric programs

  • Webinar marketing

  • Social publishing

  • Account-based marketing

Marketing Automation

Manage Contacts

Our platform helps you to manage your contacts, understand behavior on your website, and to improve interaction and engagement leading to increased conversion and sales. Specifically, using the rich interaction history data, we can help you:

  • Create better behavioral segments

  • Decide on the next-best action

  • Personalize the user experience

Analytics & Performance Report

Measure Performance and Optimize

​Our reporting and analytics framework and tools enable you to gain insights about your customers, competitors and product category. As your marketing insights and operations partner, we will report on how your marketing campaigns are performing. Specifically, we will:

  • Set-up data collection and integration, and compute metrics, key performance indicators and performance monitoring reports

  • Report at a frequency depending on the service level

  • Prove marketing contribution and return on your marketing investment

Why Camensys? 

Our Marketing Operations services are purpose-built on an open-source marketing cloud platform and multiple marketing tools and technology. At Camensys, we work with you to understand your strategy and then combine an analytics rigour, a deep process-orientation and a customer-first, value-driving marketing framework to execute your marketing plan. That enables you to:

  • deliver a consistent brand experience across multiple channels

  • execute your campaigns and programs quickly and optimize these constantly

  • capture and nurture your leads more efficiently, and

  • convert your demand to revenue effectively and quickly

And you can do these without having a dedicated marketing operation, technology, and analytics staff, saving you precious marketing budgets. In fact, you don't need to subscribe to any tools separately to run your marketing ops; our services include all the industry-standard tools that you'll need.

Why Camensys

However, if you are already invested in some tools, we will:

  • utilize these, and integrate with ours

  • ensure compliance with security and privacy rules, and

  • help you derive value from your existing stack


We will manage your marketing operations for you so you can focus on the more important things like devising the strategy and growing your business.

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