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If you are a traditional consumer or industrial product manufacturer or service provider interested in Digital Trasformation of your business , you have reached the right place. You might be wondering how to leverage the digital technology including IoT to transform your customers’ experience, optimize the operational efficiency and transform your business model to create new product and services. We can help you.


According to a recent Gartner survey -



“The survey also determined that 29% of organizations have already implemented the IoT, and that another 14% are planning to implement the IoT in 2016. This indicates that the technology will be solidly in early mainstream business adoption by 2017. Furthermore, there will be a shift toward externally focused benefits in 2016. "Improving customer experience" will be the hottest, most rapidly growing and most common benefit being pursued. Thus, the IoT is increasingly becoming a competitive weapon in the marketplace. This raises the risk of inaction, since competitors may outfox those organizations that fail to take action.” From Measuring the Strategic Value of the Internet of Things for Industries, Gartner, 28 April 2016.





















We offer Digital Transformation and IoT consulting services including:

  • Digital Transformation Strategy

  • Developing Proof of Concepts including Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Data Analytics

  • Working with your software and hardware vendors to plan and manage IoT project implementation plan

  • Planning and Implementing an IoT strategy


Your journey starts with a FREE 30 min. one-on-one consulting call to understand your options and have an outsider view on the subject.

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