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Digital Transformation

Strategy, Planning, Architecture, Design, Development, QA, Deployment and Operations

Machine Learning & Analytics

One of the most useful modern tools of Computer Science, Machine Learning opens up new opportunities by enabling solutions for a wide range of business problems typically involving big data . Machine learning coupled with analytics based on large data from various sources including sensory IoT, machine generated logs, retail sales/ inventory, social posts provide actionable insights for businesses. Our team has developed Machine Learning based solutions  for various business applications including shopper tracking from retail store video feeds, image recognition, and sentiment analysis from unstructured text, machine log analysis and chatbots.

Highly Scalable Systems

Companies often struggle to create or scale-up their existing web site or web based applications to handle a very large or unpredictable traffic. The challenge is multiplied when the performance requirements are critical and hard to meet. Our team members have been deeply involved in architecting and developing some of world’s biggest websites with stringent requirements. We help customers develop high traffic, high performance web sites, and cloud based applications with responsive and custom user experiences for various devices including mobile, browser and kiosk.

Embedded Systems

Our team has developed embedded software for various devices compliant to standards like WiFi, Bluetooth, SMB/CIFS networking protocol. The implementations include interaction with hardware layer using direct calls to chipset APIs and UI for administrative and end user control of the software. Most of the embedded software we developed have been incorporated as part of commercially available products in a wide international market. Over the years we have developed a well-defined process and lab infrastructure to efficiently develop and test embedded software for  widely varying devices.

Digital Transformation of Retail 

Retail industry is one of the top industries being disrupted and many brick and mortar retail businesses are facing challenges to compete and remain relevant. Our team can help retail businesses to develop various e-commerce solutions by digitally transforming their customer’s experiences online or in-store. With deep experience in some of the most powerful and popular e-commerce platforms like SAP Hybris, Opens Source Magento and Drupal, our team can help companies of various sizes and commerce ecosystems to implement their transformation solutions.

Services Summary


The business landscape is going through significant transformation as more and more industries are getting disrupted by digitally born companies. For the last few years we are witnessing how various industries like retail, hospitality, banking, and taxi services are being totally disrupted by Amazon, Airbnb, Ally Bank and Uber respectively. Even if a particular industry appears to be less susceptible to be disrupted from outside currently, more innovative companies within the industry are transforming their business preemptively, to align themselves with the changing customer expectations and business environments. The question is not if a traditional business will be disrupted but when. More and more businesses are taking control of future in their own hands by innovation and self-disruption. Adopting digital technology is often a key element for the innovation needed to transform a traditional business and making it ready for the future. Camensys can help you get there!

Camensys is a Technology Consulting, Software Development and IT Service company located in San Francisco Bay Area helping companies in the areas of Digital Transformation, embedded software and Innovation related to big data analytics and machine learning. It is founded by technology veterans of Silicon Valley with decades of experience in founding and running multiple successful software products and development services companies. Camensys provides consulting services to help senior management develop strategies for digital transformation using state of art tools like Cloud computing, IoT, Machine Learning and advanced Analytics. Camensys helps businesses in implementing the strategies by architecting, implementing, providing quality assurance and project management. Camensys also helps businesses to deploy their software in private cloud, public cloud like AWS (Amazon Cloud Services) and Azure (Microsoft Cloud Services).

Camensys, Inc.
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